Qveen Herby – Balenciaga Dreams Lyrics

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Qveen Herby Balenciaga Dreams Lyrics

Balenciaga Dreams Lyrics


Lyrics for “Balenciaga Dreams” by Qveen Herby


Drops of pearls and velvet trees
From my crown unto my feet
Had to grow for me to see, to believe
These Balenciaga dreams
I stay following the sun
Gettin’ higher, setting lights
Now I have to share the shine
So divine
This Balenciaga life, oh woah, oh woah, oh-oh
Alright, alright, oh, oh, oh
Alright, alright, oh, oh, oh
Alright, alright, oh, oh, oh
Alright, alright, oh, oh, oh


Open my, open my
Open my eyes and realize countryside got the clear blue skies
Roll in Hills, South of France in my rearview
Vespa in a dress, draggin’ lace through the boxwoods
Only see Chanel, never see what it really took
Pull up to some custom iron gates, my insignia
Every struggle drove a treasure trove, got me feelings my oats
You can’t claim it ’til you know, what you’re lookin’ for
Don’t you wanna see, what you got right behind the door?
Talk is cheap
Watch your energy
Got no F’s to give but some Fenty sheets
Got me sleeping sweet
Let me count my sheep, let me fill your cup with audacity
Once you let it go, let it flow, let it drip down
Love yourself enough to just indulge in your own sound
What you got inside your pretty mind, what’s in your bag?
Dare I ask, once I opened up, it was all cash






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