Plains – Problem with It Lyrics


Problem with It Lyrics by Plains


I drift out farther away
I got a problem with it & I don’t know how to say
It’s a pink carnation, it’s a hand hastily played
Potboiler wearing out
Give em something to kick up dust about
If it was love you were after,
with a long shadow of doubt

If it’s all you got, yeah it’s all you gave
I got a problem with it
If you can’t do better than that babe
I got a problem with it
Justified it in my own way
I lost myself in it
If it’s all you got, it’s enough you say
I got a problem with it

I drive fast on high alert
Pass the Jet Pep and the Baptist Church
On the county line I’ll be a songbird softly heard
My loose change falling out
Got a heartbreak burn, take the quickest route
On this 4 lane highway I’ll trace it in the clouds

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Problem with It
  • Performed by: Plains
  • Written by: Katie Crutchfield
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Album: I Walked with You a Ways
  • Release Date: 28 July, 2022