Pillow Queens – Well Kept Wife Lyrics


Well Kept Wife Lyrics by Pillow Queens


Inside myself is a well kept wife
Frozen shut, but married twice
Pushing on the walls that keep
But never ever asking why
Her body is a strong, strong thing
But she questions all the flesh between Does it matter, no? Well it does to me So I spend all day saying sorry
No one’s seen or heard from me in a while now I’m not doing better but I’ve a child now To please the wolves, I’ll bite my tongue
I might be lost but at least I’m young
No one’s seen or heard from me in quite some time
I make sure that I always see
The time, the changing of the leaves
Neighbours wave hello to me
And so I know it’s Spring
I can’t breathe it’s the time of year
A few months in and I crave that fear
A lesson learnt
A life well spent
And so I vow to go
Tell me the house got dirty
Tell me the warmth escaped
Tell me the dinner’s not ready
I know the bed’s not made
The grass is long and so are your nails
The calendar’s wrong and you’re getting so pale
No one’s seen or heard from me in quite some time
Somebody waters the plant

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