Payday – Big Boy Lyrics

payday big boy lyrics

Payday Big Boy Lyrics

Big Boy Lyrics


Lyrics for “Big Boy”


Big boy pants

Cuz’ my pockets is thick

Hello kitty keychain

Hang straight from my hip

Got a big boy bag

Got a big boy drip

Make a lil girl sad

Cuz a big boy rich


a girl

Im a girl

Im a girl

I know

But I got a big mouth

And a big boy flow

Yeah they only wanna’ listen

when the bitches bein’ hoes

But you’re an incel

I can tell

I know

Calling me a loser

Like I never really got far

Your whole crew got more

Pigs than a cop car

Kiss my feet

Cuz’ You’ll never see the top bar

Wishing you were me

Everytime that you pop bars


Yeah that one hurt

Lemon juice in the wound

That’s never gonna work

Ow that hurt me so much

Ow that was really really mean

I see you hate on me

Cuz’ you’re mad

You don’t have the shit that I have

Maybe if you got off your ass

You could get some too

A big bag !

Boys rules

Girls drool

That’s just the facts

And if you think any different

Then you’re gonna’ get smacked



on the floor

And if you get mad ima’ call you a whore


Love it


I only like party’s

When there’s men up in em’





Song title: Big Boy

Performed by: Payday

Written by: PJ Clark, Te Whiti Warbrick

Produced by: SickDrumz

Source: COR/TAN Records, under exclusive license to Future Classic Recordings