Oscar Lang & Wallice – I’ve Never Been To LA (Edit) Lyrics


I’ve Never Been To LA (Edit) Lyrics by Oscar Lang & Wallice


Top down
Hot sun
In the city you could be someone
Where Everybody’s reaching for their breakaway

Self love
Sort of
Get pretty or go and run
Now Everyone’s complaining bout the freeway

All your friends out there they talk bout the scene
Where they put you on a diet and start eatin clean
You can get a new life or that’s what they say
But I wouldn’t know I’ve never been to LA

No job
No problem
You wanna be a star that’s why you’ve come
Baby don’t you know you’re such a cliche

Well I wanna be a superstar too
I want a big house with a rooftop pool
I wanna be on the movie screens
On the front page of the magazine