Orville Peck – Kalahari Down Lyrics


Kalahari Down Lyrics by Orville Peck


I was born in the Badlands, honey
Strange place for a boy to drown
Spent my days on a mountain, baby
12 miles north of Sofiatown

You’ve been gone away, I’ve been riding around
Running out the days, writing out a song
On my daddy’s guitar, did you find your way? Skip another town?
Said I couldn’t stay but it’s different now
Yippee-ki-yi-yay, I’m always down
For hanging around

Left to borrow, gone tomorrow
Maybe there ain’t a trail to follow
Better off alone if you ask me
Travel lucky, Kawasaki
Maybe next time I’ll take you with me
And I still hear the sound
The wind come up, Kalahari down
Kalahari down

Polishing your whip, never drove it far
Circling the veld, spitting in the jar
On your daddy’s farm, you’d say you’re afraid, tell me not to frown
Play a song, you’d dance around
Yippee-yo-ki-yay, we’d hit the ground
Still tumbling down

What do I know? A buncha sorrow
Promises of a desperado
Through the rusty sky I feel the breeze
Where do we go? Mendocino?
Maybe someday you’ll get to see all
The places that Torino’s never been
And I still hear the sound
Wind come up, Kalahari down
Kalahari down

Left to roam on a reckless wander
Raising sand on the setting sun
Keep an eye on that dusty highway
Tell my mother I’m nearly done
And I still hear the sound
Wind come up, Kalahari down
Kalahari down

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