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Intro : Lived Lyrics

A sudden breakup
I’m not ready yet
You keep getting farther away
No matter how hard I try
I can’t get it in my hand
If you’d rather be like this, please kill me
If I didn’t start in the first place
If I had lived without knowing the existence of you
Does my heart hurt like this?
Why do you seep into my life
Will tears come?

You are alive in me
Tormenting me like crazy
I’m dying
I’m dying because of you

I’m not afraid of death
The thing that you erase from memory
I’m afraid that’s even more
Fear above all
I guess it’s do-or-die
I guess it’s do-or-die







Song Title: Intro : Lived

Performed by: ONEUS

Written by:

Produced by:

Source: RBW Inc.