Once Human – We Ride Lyrics


We Ride Lyrics by Once Human


What are you doing in my face?
Where are you going with all haste?
Why did this begin? Why did we start this?
And why can’t you remember?

God damn you

Why don’t you ever listen to the things that you say?
Your words are there for us to deconstruct anyway
Yes — you are a product of that environment
But change is always there if you want it

Cold and foreign, spirit broken
Please can we go home?


What the fuck was that?
I’m being completely rational
I’m not yelling!
In every relationship
There has to be compromise
And God knows every one of them has baggage
I know I have my issues
And we know you have yours!

Put it in gear, motherfucker
For tonight we ride
Deny the ride
You and I connect and emerge