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Olamide Warlords Lyrics

I’m in chains
I’m in chains
Looking like a prisoner
I feed my fears to the dogs nothing else can pull me down
No pain no gain for me
I just wan have the meal

[Verse 1]
Yeah my heart and my soul they keep running
My brain and my thought is all money
I’m up and I grind while they yawning
Night or in the morning the fire will keep burning
Yo heaven closing up on me
Squeezing in with leads so sharpened
Like the edge of the samurai sword
I’m trapped in between
I was shooting for the moon
Caught the glimpse of the sun
That got my eyes bleeding
Woah but this can’t be blood cos of the way it’s hurt
Oh my fucking God
Shit feels like piercing
Tru my eye balls or my lids
Like fragrance of broken glasses
This shit got me craving for peace

[Verse 2]
Turn on the switch
Pitch nnde le du go flip o the script
Open up my voice ka’in hit e the pitch
Nwa huzzle hard and take a broke niggas beat
No joy
Men nwalem no joy
Grew up in the trenches where we play with AKs no toy
Mama said loose everything but never loose you focus
Ma mu na gi nwaralum nwa na bu your homeboy
Life happens
And o me onadika film
I’ve been tagged a looser but it’s my choice to win
I fe den le munachi ma bai kwa in between
You knew that I’ve been bossing o si gbo si gbo oun hit the scence
I Started from the low low
Nma fe di wora na logo
Kido ti cha ka magic im cashing out ko lotto
Your crush inna my motor
See oniche se mu photo
Ifu o cholu bu do do
And I know you uno so
Know so

[Verse 3]
Ayy this is natural
I don’t force it man it’s natural
Why everybody acting like they own the world
I don’t need nobody homie I’m the one
Ehhh ehn I go back to back
They got guns
I got money in my arsenal
Boy checkmate money for a living now
I don’t let anybody ever bring me down
I see niggas opposing me
And when the camera comes they still posing me
Ohh bad
Shawty only loves me when the money in
I just pray my friend are not friend of my enemies
They don’t give me but I take it
Ohh they don’t give me but I take it
I see the reason why everybody hating
Jesus got enemies I got the same shit yeahh

[Verse 4]
Woke up this morning
Feeling like fuck the world
My mooma called to tell me she miss me like that nasty song
Who would have thought that that boy’d be in military school
Or dream of anarchy that boy %%#^^*
When you coming home
I believe in honesty
Beat Slap a nigga if he ever lie to me
I think I thought how to be
Everything Is more than fuck they said I wouldn’t be
Now aheads
The slightest season %%%##
Sliding out inna the cake and I go for your put am for your face
I think I all always stay in office
Cos I’m too legit to quick
I’m Too legit to quick
I’m the best and still ready to be
Theoretically all these niggas still babies to me
Ain’t stretched out
Like there’s something I’m trying to reach
There’s something my jeans
The popo trynna jail me
Some confidentially shit that’s why I keep it in the music like

They don’t give me but I take it
Ohh they don’t give me but I take it
I see the reason why everybody hating
Jesus got enemies I got the same shit yeahh

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