okaywill – Tomorrow Lyrics


Tomorrow Lyrics by okaywill


I know the way
I guess it’s true
What they say
Bout me and you
It’s all the same
Blood in my veins
And I can’t help to
Look that way
Oh oh
Baby climb on top of my back
And we’ll be off by the morning
I hope you saved your last breath
For the suns rising up till we’re soaring
All Of my life
I’ve been waiting
To Watch the hour start
To fade in
Pack your bags were going far away
Take your thoughts and keep them Here with me
I know the world won’t have
An other way
To Where the road
You meet will pass
You On everyday
To me
Oooo baby
Don’t you wanna spend it with me love
Tomorrow’s never gonna be enough
So so so
So won’t you wanna spend it with me love
With me love

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