ODESZA – Equal (NASAYA Remix) Lyrics


Equal (NASAYA Remix) Lyrics


I go the whole nine
Driving through the whole night
Hold you till the first light
So tight
Love is pain right

I lose sight
I can’t see the signs
Blinded by my own fight
I take flight
I take flight

And it’s all in my head
And I’m stood on the ledge
And the people
Walk through their day
While I’m trying to make sense of the prequel
I just want our love to be equal

I’d go the whole world
Let emotions unfurl
And my frustrations be heard
And nothing
Will ever take me higher again

And we’re a wildfire
Balanced on a thin line
Between life
and some Heaven
Keeping it together

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Equal (NASAYA Remix)
  • Performed by: ODESZA (feat. Låpsley)
  • Written by: Clayton Knight, Harrison Mills, Holly Lapsley Fletcher, Steph Marziano
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Album: The Last Goodbye Remixes N°.2
  • Release Date: 8 February, 2023