Nick Mulvey – A Prayer of My Own Lyrics


A Prayer of My Own Lyrics by Nick Mulvey


Somehow my love
Somehow my love
Keep me an open heart in hell
Give me courage to feel it all
The beauty of the fall
When I want to run away
When I wish run away
Lord help me stay
I look around, I look away
Hey hey
It’s too much to take
I fool my heart each day
Fool my heart each time I say
That it don’t know how to break
And that I’m better off this way
Oh Lord help me stay
Somehow my love
Somehow my love
Can we bear the unbearable?
How to bear the unbearable?
Finding the colour of my rage
Giving that rage a place
Oh the beast has a face!
With a grimace and such grace
With an open heart in hell
Well well
Courage to feel it all
Hold us, keep us still
When we want to run away
C’mon Lord help us stay
And I do it for my own
My little boy, my little girl
And we do it for our home
If we do it for the world
So let it out and let it in
Get to know that beast within
Give him love and bring him in
No not an enemy, but a friend
And in the fury of the fire
In that timeless fire
I find my ancient friend
Oh come to help me once again