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Mustafa ft. Sampha Capo Lyrics

Capo Lyrics


Lyrics for “Capo” by Mustafa (feat. Sampha)


[Verse 1: Mustafa]
Shadows and stones
This place isn’t ours anymore
I can’t be alone
But it all [?] me off a wall
I try scrubbin’ it off one night in the shower
I stare at myself in the mirror for hours
I’ve held it all in, but I can’t go much longer
And it’s time (Southside, southside, southside, southside)
It’s time (R.I.P. my nigga Smoke Dog)
(R.I.P. [?] in his cage, free my nigga [?])
(Shoutout Puff House, my nigga 47, my nigga [?])


Growin’ up in, in, in, in my hood, you know what I’m sayin’
I lost a lot of people


[Verse 2: Sampha]
And I gon’ let it go
This feelin’ I have won’t settle
Won’t stop rainin’ where I see the level
And the space is never gentle
It angers me into the rubble
But I’m breathin’ fine
Oh, I’m breathin’ fine
And it’s time, time, oh
And it’s time, time, ayy (To pray)
(Southside, southside, southside, southside)
So, it’s time ([?], time)





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