Muni Long – Plot Twist (Interlude) Lyrics


Plot Twist (Interlude) Lyrics by Muni Long


Girl, these ain’t even his kids
I used to mess with his brother when I was in high school
We got together and I never stopped
You know what I’m sayin? How you get em is how you lose em
Real talk, I’m just waiting till the last baby turn eighteen and I’m out
I got me a lil money saved to the side
I’ma pack my bag
Next time he don’t come home at night he gon’ get here in the morning and I’ma be gone
And what I really wanna do is drop these kids off at his mama house
Start me a whole ‘nother life, like he did, what Mary J. say?
I’m not gon’ cry, I’m not, I’m not, never again
Not one more tear
I’m not gon’ cry I’ma get fly
And that’s what you need to hear
Ion know who need to hear this
But don’t ever let that n**** see you cry cause of some shit that he did
He don’t know no better – he gon’ learn today
He’ll be aight
He was out there havin’ fun while you was at home takin care of them kids
Making sure he had a hot meal to come home to and he ain’t even show up
Cold, it’s a cold world
You gon’ learn though
Don’t ever let nobody have this much control over you, boo
Now look, I’m just telling you this cause I see myself in you
And I don’t want you to get caught up like I did, with an ain’t shit ass n****
Community dick
Damn shame
But you a nice girl though
You beautiful, and you deserve better