MUNA – Handle Me Lyrics


Handle Me Lyrics by MUNA


Who taught you that
If you get a good thing
You better not touch it too much?
Who taught you that
You gotta keep your hands clean
Or you’re gonna mess it all up?

I am not a brand new bicycle
I am rough around the edge
I am not a flower petal

You can handle me
You can handle me
Put your hands on me
Well, you can handle me

What got you thinkin’
If you love someone
It’s best to just leave ’em alone?
Look how you got me
You’ve got me reelin’
Waiting for you to come over

And put me to a higher purpose
Bend me back and send me flyin’
I’m not gonna break, I promise

You can handle me
You can handle me
Put your hands on me
You can handle me

Kiss me under my right ear
Running your fingers down the back of my spine
Handle me
Grab a fistful of my hair
Trace me like an outline
Handle me
Flip me onto my left side
So we can intertwine and
Handle me
Hold me like you’re the tie that binds
Spread this out across time and
Handle me

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Handle Me
  • Performed by: MUNA
  • Written by: Josette Maskin, Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Album: MUNA
  • Release Date: 24 June, 2022