Moonchild – Love I Need Lyrics


Love I Need Lyrics by Moonchild (feat. Rapsody)


I’m used to long flights
to an empty house
I’m used to late nights
til the sun comes up

I’m not used to you
giving me the love I need
I’m not used to you
giving me the love I need

and it feels so good
so good, so good
so, so good

finally, got the love I need

talk to em, yo, yo, yo, yo

I ain’t ever known real love like Mary J
I was single in them night clubs with 808’s
like a moth to a lightbulb, illuminate
attracting me, now my mind bug your energies
I was used to talks and hard things like Hennessy
and then you came and raised the bar for me twenty-three
you sell it to a lost angel, eighty-three
twenty-four I was thinking bout you how it got deep
feels good when we lay up, skeet skeet
always got behind my dreams like the backseat
I’m used to being overwhelmed, this a different peace
and now my biggest thing is that you getting used to me
yeah, it feels good like James Brown
if home is where the heart is we’d be in H-Town
I’m used to a lot of things
but I’m in love with you now

I’m not used to feeling this good, so fine
baby you blow my mind
I’m not used to feeling careful, cloud nine
baby your love’s divine

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