Moneybagg Yo – Free Lil A (Interlude) Lyrics


Free Lil A (Interlude) Lyrics


Yeah, what’s going on?
Yeah, first and foremost man, long live-, long live Nuski
Man, you know what I’m saying?
Give me a beat man, you know you gon’ hear it from the jailhouse to the streets
Man, you know what I’m saying?

First off get the streets, you gotta blue Jessy James
And y know my life a movie, they wanna put me in the frames
Either you gon’ live with it or nothing to maintain
We ain’t on the same trip, you can’t land on this train
Lose by swinging in the deep end
Let pressure build up, you can’t get it in
Take the is pain away
I’m poppin’ Percs’ and drinking Henn’, yeah

You have one minute remaining

And hard times left me traumatized
Two months of being incarcerated when Nuski and my momma passed
My soul crying, my brain fried, I can’t think
Gotta keep my above water, I can’t let myself sink
Family undefeated ’cause they labeled me a menace
Please don’t test me, and they curse you when you coming from them trenches
You was triple crossin’ my lil’ n****, when I see ’em, I can’t miss ’em
Looking at my momma wishing I can kiss her

If I get out to the streets, man, I’ma do my **** thang, you know what I’m saying?
This shit don’t stop ’cause a n**** up top, you know what I’m saying?
Bread gang the brand
I’ma die, I’ma die for it, man
You know what I’m saying? Yeah