Monaleo – Ridgemont Baby Lyrics


Ridgemont Baby Lyrics


It’s like
I don’t understand all this
I made Monaleo
Monaleo wouldn’t be who she was is if it wasn’t for me
Is you serious, n****?
I don’t owe no bitch nothing
I don’t owe no n**** nothing
I really got this shit out the dirt
That’s why it’s mud on my shoes
But fuck it, let’s get into it

Uh, aye
N***** swear they made me, can’t nobody break me
‘Cause I’m a Ridgemont baby, Mo-City raised me
Gotta keep my gun off safety ’cause these bitches hate me
Acting shady, probably ’cause their favorite n***** wanna date me
I can’t listen to you bitches’ music, that shit too boring
Every time I read another blog it’s a new story
Me and Keke running from the laws, that’s a true story
You bitches grew up with family dogs in a two-story
So in other words, bitch, you don’t know the half
What you know bout’ boiling hot water just to take a bath?
We was four deep in a one-bedroom, you do the math
No cable, so I had plenty time to work on my craft, aye
Rap shit saved me
Devil tried to take me
Stood ten toes on my problems and did it bravely
Still can’t name one thing a n**** gave me
Everything gravy
Ridgemont baby

Every time a motherfucka sees you doing good
They try to come and discredit everything that you’ve done
Everything you’ve been through
Everything you’ve worked for
All the hard hours you put in
Wasn’t nobody there but me and me
I picked myself up
I wiped my own tears
Me, n****

Aye, uh, aye
Coming home from school to the lights off
We was spraying roaches on the cabinets with the Lysol
And I ain’t fuck with you bitches ’cause I ain’t like y’all
I always knew I was different, I’m nothing like y’all
Bedbugs and fleas
I was on my knees
I was asking God, “Please, can you help me find some peace?”
Pants was too little, I was bussing out my jeans
Now I’m makin’ triple money, bussing out my jeans, aye
Me and my big brother used to share sneakers
Since I was a lil’ girl I was a big dreamer, big thinker
Now I pull up big body, big Beamer, grim reaper
N***** pay me big bucks to kill features
Can’t let a bitch or a n**** play me
‘Cause we’ll let them fireworks off like Katy
Still can’t name one thang a n**** gave me
Everything gravy
Ridgemont baby