Mitchell Tenpenny – I Can’t Get Another You Lyrics


I Can’t Get Another You Lyrics by Mitchell Tenpenny


Left my hat by your nightstand
Left my bottle of whiskey by the sink
Watch still sitting on your dresser
Next to my sweatshirt
The one you wore more than me

There’s liquor stores on every corner
And I can get online and buy it all brand new
I can get another hat, another bottle of Jack
But I can’t get another you

Me and you had our go-to bar
One that I can’t go to anymore
But I know one across the street
And that’s somewhere that we ain’t never been before
And I can get a friend to take me there
And I can drink until I’m bullet proof
I can get another buzz
But when I sober up
I can’t get another you
Can’t get another, can’t get another

There’s just some things you can’t replace
How’d I ever let you get away
Aw, let you get away
Damn, baby

I know I let you go
I know it’s too late

I can find another brunette
One that looks so good in red
Little tattoo on her shoulder
Loves the way I hold her
So damn good in bed
Oh so damn, oh so damn good

She can tell me that she loves me
And I can tell her that I love her too
I can get somebody else
I can lie to myself
But I can’t get another you
Oh, no
I can search the whole world over
Can’t get any closer
‘Cause I can’t get another you
I can’t get another you
Oh baby, I know
I can’t get another you

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