Mista Strange – Love Hurts Lyrics


Love Hurts Lyrics by Mista Strange


Man this love hurts
I think I have decided that loves a social construct
I really think that shit is made up
Cah me and him we never made up
We shoulda stuck to fuckin’
It’s all feelings when you make love
So what am I to do now
How do I accept that my future ain’t with you now
And even though it hurts I can’t be angry at your feelings but-
How can you not need me when I swear to God I need him
Think I need to take the time to do some healing
Maybe fly out of the country
Cah I heard that’s shits revealing but-
Every day I wonder does he feel the pain I’m feeling
Does he think about me every single day and when he’s sleeping
Man I wish I could
But I cannot get you off my mind
Boy you really got me fucked up all the time
I’m a big man
You ever seen a big man cry
You got me wondering all the shit you told me was it lies?
Man I just wanna hold you let you know that you are mine
I will never let you go
I ain’t losing you this time
I know you wanna leave
But not without me putting up a fight
Cah I ain’t never gonna find another you inside this life
And I don’t care about them fishes in the sea
Because I swear to God, not one of them fishes are for me
When I look inside your eyes it is my future that I see
Man I tried to give my all I was just stuck up in the streets
I know I fucked up so many times
I know that I ain’t perfect
But I swear to God I love you
Never did that shit on purpose
If only you could understand this pain you got me hurtin’
Tell me where it all went wrong
I really thought that we were working
I know that you ain’t done
You’re just scared
And that’s the difference
We both played our roles
So I ain’t tryna play the victim
Just give it one more chance baby
Let me try and fix it
Can’t imagine you with someone else
Touching you and kissing
You that would make me wanna hunt them down and kill ’em
And you’d probably do the same because this love we have is different
I ain’t scared to say I fucked up
I did and that’s the realist’
Didn’t appreciate the things you did for me right when you did ’em
Just free from this prison
I’m ready and I’m willing
Think of something I wouldn’t do for you there isn’t
I would die for you twice
Just so you could live your life
And I would still feel lucky just to watch you from the skies
Man this love hurts