MIKE – No Curse Lifted (Rivers Of Love) Lyrics


No Curse Lifted (Rivers Of Love) Lyrics


I don’t talk to police or converse with them,
For the darls, g’z and hurt chirren,
Had to walk through the grief, was the worse feeling,
Yeah I fought for the fee and it worked,
Killing thoughts with trees and adverse sipping,
I try to talk to relieve but the words missing,
I was taught then I lead, was the first victim,
Think they saw all the need, all the urge in em,
Why all the shit you needa read on the terms, hidden,
Thought I already seen the peak, but the yerc did it,
23 around the Earth, see the world different,
I went deep into the dirt, seen a pearl glisten,
Gotta bleed ‘fore I learn or my third listen,
Yeah I peep they concern, its the thirst itching,
I’ll return when ya miss me wit a verse written,
From the burbs to the city, real curb villains,
Still alert when you hit me no burnt bridges,
Iimma give it how it is, no jerk gimmick, so permanent,
Imma splurge on the biddy no purse limit,
Think I owe it to the witches, no curse lifted,
Something shown me I was gifted, my deterred spirit,
Me and brodi on this mission, make you turn rigid,
Tryna get it out my system, how I earn quickest

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