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Draw Us In Lyrics

Push it forward, taking it back
Holding it ransom and veering off track
My love, my love
My love, my love


You and I were lost from the start
Looking me over, I’m falling apart
My love, my love
My love, my love


When’s it all done?
I feel it coming
When’s it all done?
I feel it coming


All I see is yesterday’s meal
Forcing it down and learning to feel
My love, my love
My love


Fade it out just to fade it back in
There’s nothing without the other when something’s missing
My love, my love
My love


Another day breaks the disguise and there’s nowhere to hide
The memories seep through the cracks and I’m there by your side
I’m veering off track and you watch as I’m falling apart
It’s never the same, it’s never the same


Memories drawing us in
Won’t you listen?
All clear now
Come on, won’t you listen?


Come on, won’t you listen?
Come on, won’t you listen?
My love, my love
My love







Song Title: Draw Us In

Performed by: Metz

Written by: Alex Edkins, Chris Slorach, and Hayden Menzies

Produced by: MetzBen Greenberg

Source: Sub Pop Records