Metric – Formentera Lyrics


Formentera Lyrics by Metric


Listen, it’s hard to say
Consequence tied my tongue
Life wasn’t made for one
Icons will rise and tank
Pennies in jars of clay
Heaviest fragile beast
Further ahead than me

I’ve got so far to go
So give my soul some peace
Suffer what it means
On some other plane
Wisdom left me blind
With nothing I could teach
The substance of my mind
The gates of shame and spite
Open to me

Over the side toss coins
Parisian fountain street
Wishes and lies compete
Moss on a rolling stone
A rising star in chains
Colder than bars of gold
Hoping the ropes will hold

Why not just let go?
The stakes are not my own
On Formentera beach
Why not walk away?
Take a sober stroll
And free my childhood dream
Before my hour is up
Time stamp my release
Today it’s over