Methyl Ethel – Are You Haunted? Lyrics and Tracklist


Methyl Ethel Are You Haunted? Album Lyrics



Artiste: Methyl Ethel

Album: Are You Haunted?

Genre: Alternative

Date: February 18

Year: 2022



Methyl Ethel Are You Haunted? Tracklist

1. Ghosting Lyrics

2. Proof Lyrics (feat. Stella Donnelly)

3. Something to Worry About Lyrics

4. Neon Cheap Lyrics

5. Kids on Holiday Lyrics

6. One and Beat Lyrics

7. Matters Lyrics

8. Castigat Ridendo Mores Lyrics

9. In a Minute, Sublime Lyrics

Jake Webb may tinker away alone on his layered compositions as Methyl Ethel—not unlike fellow Western Australian visionary Kevin Parker—but the results are more extroverted and clubby than ever on his fourth album. Having moved from arty UK label 4AD to more dance-oriented Aussie imprint Future Classic, Webb follows suit with songs that spin his well-documented experimental impulses into itchy electro-pop.
Matters” is especially upbeat and danceable, while the Talking Heads-esque
Neon Cheap” nails another one of his reliably sticky choruses. Even the more pensive piano ballads pack outsized twists, as in the way
One and Beat” builds to an intense finale. Webb even welcomes his first-ever guest singer on
Proof”, with Stella Donnelly bolstering the song’s creeping sense of anxiety around internet-fuelled scepticism. Like the best Methyl Ethel tracks, it’s a percolating outlier that features both lush musical detours and a sneaky gravitational pull towards the dance floor.

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