Maxo – We Watch Lyrics


We Watch Lyrics


Blood shed by a brother that mirror him
But We still tryna blame the man
I was startin right down that barrel
Prayin that the gun go jam
Here I stand , both feet in the ground
I open my hands
My hope been depleted
Seen them treating my people
Just like they owned Em
Eviction notice smack in the morning
Man I been shown
But came from not knowing
I’m holding closer these moments
I hit my brother told em love ya
Cuz nothings promised

We ridin late night brodee clutchin
But I ain’t nervous
Them demons snatch yo soul
But a angel gon keep a 30
12 mean muggin
These n***** ridin round thirsty

Im tryn live
They tryn bleed me
I’m thinkin they kin
They still tryn bleed me
Why I cant comprehend

World so crazy
World so shady

He sleepin up under that bridge ,
Sealing his tint..
They ridin by inna benz
Line so blurred
Line so thin
Line aint real it’s really all bout ends
I need in
I need land
To pass to my grandkids when I’m in the wind
Sun peek out the clouds it’s hittin right off my skin

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: We Watch
    Performed by: Maxo
    Written by: -
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Even God Has A Sense Of Humor
    Release Date: 22 February, 2023