Masego – In Style Lyrics


In Style Lyrics


I wasnt in style
No no I wasnt in style
I wont on the team
I had not arrived
Aint felt like a king
They told me im tired
They told me dont sing
I had no admirers
I had no pristine
Now look at me gleam.

last week somebody threatened me
Something bout his girl
I’ll fly your girl
I’ll make her come
Then we gon’ discuss
Why you let her go

Next in news
Sego’s so amused
Ha ha yall think yall can tie a Gemini down
One of me can beat 3 of you i say
Two of me can beat your whole crew.

I said

I want competition
I want all the smoke
I’m so exciting
You’re not inviting
You’re the definition of a joke (hahaha)
Old people like me
Young people like me
I dont have to rap about my stroke
I’m so jamaican, I’m so african
Im so international