Mark Knight & James Hurr – You Are A God (Extended Mix) Lyrics


You Are A God (Extended Mix) Lyrics by Mark Knight & James Hurr (feat.  Cari Golden)


I can’t think when you’re near me
The instinct kicks in
Like a hunter I track your moves
I can tell that you fear me
The one with something to prove
Don’t worry my lover
Call me anything you want
Convert me to your religion
Just come to me closer
You are a god

You are a god

You touch me and there is lightening
Running down my spine
Every cell of me comes alive
I’m called to worship
Worship your body
Those things you do to me
And Im on my knees
To give you praise
To the perfection of your form
I whimper as you enter
The soft sweet spot
Cradle you In like a cocoon
So that you burst into a butterfly
Transforming into something beautiful
Defying gravity
You are a god