Marc E. Bassy – Kills Me Lyrics


Kills Me Lyrics Marc E. Bassy

Kills Me Lyrics


Kills Me Lyrics by Marc E. Bassy


I wrote this for you cause calling ain’t gon fix what’s been wrong
We’ve been holding on to this for too long
I would say your name but really that’s a secret to some
Yea you got your alias pretty young
And isn’t that a modern story
Model house this ain’t a dormitory
You’ve been in this fuckin scene since you was 16
It’s gonna take more than a year to wipe the slate clean
But woman you’ll always be my A team
I fuckin loved you but we lied and cheated
Jeans house still undefeated
Everybody all coked up and weeded
Yea you got whatever you needed
And let’s be honest those nights often repeated
Played the victim role just to give myself the out
Always keep our status in doubt
I got the fours seasons suite
Four reasons to creep
Called the next morning like I must’ve blacked out
We both know the truth but we let eachother slide
I hate to say it but that ain’t the way to play it now
I realize
We went too far baby can’t get back
And it kills me to think about that
Cause we were perfect, down deep but the surface was scratched
My soulmate now forever detached
And it cuts deeper knowing that your father just passed
And I wish I was the bed where you crashed
I wish I was the shoulder to cry cause you still on my mind
But there ain’t no going back to the past
All I know is things will look up keep your head held high
And your next man
I hope he your last
I can’t believe that it had to be this way
I can’t believe that it had to be this way
Yea I wanted you forever in a day
But the time never really went our way