Maple Glider – Good Thing Lyrics

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Lyrics for Good Thing by Maple Glider

Good Thing Lyrics


Lyrics “Good Thing” by Maple Glider


[Verse 1]
There are no words I have to say
In this moment
You’re asking me if I’m okay
But I need time to process
All these things that make me lose my focus
And all these parts of me I had not noticed


Before you came
Before you came


[Verse 2]
I know you think I’m being cold
But I can’t bear to look at you today
‘Cause every single time I do, I fear
It might be the last time that you’ll see me this way




But I guess that’s how we learn
By setting fire to things that bring us life
Before we’ve got to watch them burn
And so I’ll say goodbye
Because I’d rather kill a good thing
Than wait for it to die




[Verse 3]
So draw your lines upon my skin
For the very final time
And I will colour all them in
And retrace them until I
Can’t remember what it feels like


Like (Like)




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