Madeline The Person – Haunted Lyrics

madeline the person – haunted lyrics

Lyrics for Haunted by Madeline The Person

Haunted Lyrics


Lyrics “Haunted” by Madeline The Person


[Verse 1]
You were the first girl that I wanted
I was only girl you haunted
And everyday felt like a movie
Like one that’s sweet and slightly gloomy
I couldn’t hold your hand in public
I guess that’s how I got so lovesick
You’d say just meet me in the locker room
I’d think about you till the bell rang noon


But why’d you go back in the closet?
You said you loved me and you meant it
The way you kissed me, said I need you
But maybe that’s just what they all do
You didn’t have to go back in the closet
Your mom’s uptight, but she’ll accept it
And you can’t play the perfect dream girl
If you’re living in a split world


[Verse 2]
You left me candy in my locker
Cryptic notes, but a quiet talker
You sent gifts and I wrote love songs
We got older, it didn’t take long


But why’d you go back in the closet?
All the heavy things live in it
That’s the closet where we whispered
Into a cracked phone, our hearts flickered
In that closet, my mom told me
That my best friend could never hold me
Ever again and that’s the last time
That something hidden could also be mine




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