M24 – Daily Duppy – Pt. 2 Lyrics


Daily Duppy – Pt. 2 Lyrics by M24 & GRM Daily


M1 on the beat
Uh, get back, get back
Sweet one say I drill a lot
She tellin’ me to slow it down
‘Cause I bump into the old bill a lot
These opps just talk alot
I ain’t ever seen ’em pull up in my chillin’ spot
Pull up, pull up and let that go
Someone’s gone, ay bill that pot
Star in the hood like Strydes, Strydes
I’ll still do man live
Girl said I got too much pride
Meanwhile the opps tell too much lies
Surprise, pull up on man, should’ve seen their eyes
GBG that’s family ties
I sold Peter to Griffin no Family Guy
Lots of agony got that hat trick
Me and bro like SpongeBob and Patrick
Match it, none of them boys can match it
Lash it, whine that down and slap it
A lot of man got caught in traffic
Even if it’s green or red man splash it, attack it
I beg someone tell the DJ jack it
Before I flexed on man with drip
I was really tryna splash that drip
Head, head mad, head sick
Gone, I was out doin’ that shit
Unwrap that shit, no gift
Lift, spray that shit like Lynx
Brown, brownskin one in pink, wink
Now she wanna have my kids
Get, get burnt like rizz
Or man get smoked like cigs
Two in the top tryna pop like fizz
Drill up the place and skid
Me and these niggas ain’t the same like Mist
The watch on my wrist cost me couple quid
And this weekend on us in a couple quid
Do a, do a man live like Instagram
Make man run like Yohan Blake
Talk on the web a lot
Ridin’ on us, no you ain’t
Young boy with the longest blade
Anonymous guy, he don’t show no face
Pushbike days was loads of fun
Four door trucks, loads of change
If you, if you see man movin’ strange
Best cut, disappear like David Blaine
She gave me the maddest sloppy top
And she don’t even know my name
Me and bro like Max and Wayne
Bro’s in the jailhouse, whack man’s face
This yat’s got the maddest face
She arch that back, let it clap for days
Let it clap for days
You know we let it clap for days
Facts, yeah we let it clap for days
That’s, that’s why we got chat for days
Send the location like Dave
Then go ’round there, I ain’t usin’ Waze
‘Nuff skill on the clutch, had to use those brakes
The sawn, the sawn-offs loud
But this L pack’s way more louder
Like Stizz I’m a late night prowler
I don’t play fair, I’m a fuckin’ fouler
Buss, buss that champagne shower
Tryna turn man ghost like that youth from Power
Dicked her down now she sour
She wants a piece of me by the hour
Before it gets cooked, it’s comin’ like flour
Washed up youths, dem man there coward
Then he clipped my wheel on that Bennerz
Skid off the road, what a howler
Funny man like Austin Powers
The GBGs had ’em layin’ on flowers
Get the drop, be there in ten
We don’t take no hours
M1 on the beat