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Best for You Lyrics M.anifest

Best for You Lyrics


Best for You Lyrics by M.anifest (feat. LADIPOE)


I wanna be the best for you
Best for you

Weytin i do, i dey go cuckoo
Tryina keep my cool
Everyday get ein troubles too
I for-dey keep am true
Momee you know me better than most of them do
Purpose driven mission clinging to what I’m meant to
Sometimes skies be falling when i’m drawing on my human strength
Guess it all depends if ladyluck choose me as a friend
As and when visitation to my liquor locker
Liquid courage demons in a carriage turn a n**** savage
Yesu, christo, on my biko
Everyday people, everyday people
Sometimes, feeble, then i, reload
Greenlight, we go, greenlight!
Too young to be disillusioned
Too old not to know solutions
So giving my 2cents on the internet a nuisance
I know intimate confusion but clarity i’m professing
Come to my delicatessen, food for thought selection
Pardon me, i know parts of me broken possibly
Wherever I be, I’ll probably make you proud of me
When i say don’t worry that be when you start to worry
Obviously, say my thank yous and don’t forget my sorries
End of story toast to new beginnings
Was a saint all the time that I was sinning
I want to mek you proud with many many winnings
We can go out on a yacht we can wear the fine linen yea yeab

Turning my good into incredible
Trying to be the best for you
When i’m slipping you go let me know
Trying to be my best for for you
Best for you, best for you
Trying to be my best for you