Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth – Veteran’s Run Lyrics


Veteran’s Run Lyrics by Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth


It’s a lopsided score
Til black lives matter more
9000 miles to freedom
I’m swimming til I reach the shore
With that said
My course of reason leads to war
Anguished armament assorted ammunition
Barbarically set it for my henchmen
Big barrel brandisher steadied on a sling
Shortly after my shells down pour like short storms
A disaster my reign rise up like flash floods
This that line in the sand drawn
For all those “stick in the mud” songs
My palms get dirtied I’m hands on
The axe to an olive branch
Bloodied blanched no stance for a fighting chance

It’s no soft bets when hard pressed
Keep guns well oiled for all threats
Call of the wild wolves set up home on your neck
More typically known as a blood fest
Jolly Rogers like exploit spoils of conquest
you will paying checkers w/pieces from chess
Menacing mic manners
Magnificent move mountains
Mightily mangle man militant
Mince meat
Muderous Michigan
Multiple marksmen
Microphones multiply mayhem
Metalwork messages made merit
Meet your maker miraculous marinater
The package that decimate ya