Logic – Tired In Malibu Lyrics

logic tired in malibu lyrics

Logic Tired In Malibu Lyrics

Tired In Malibu Lyrics


Lyrics for “Tired In Malibu” by Logic


Ayy, yo, I’m tired as fuck
That’s what we should call this joint, “Tired In Malibu,” hah
Yeah, yeah
I’m ’bout to fall asleep, like, shit
I’m ’bout to
Ayy, yo, everything remain raw
Everything remain raw
Everything remain raw
Bussin’, bussin’ the motherfucker out


Ayy, yo, check the steez
Shut the fuck up and get off of these
I spit degrees like a professor, never the lesser
Spit flames like gas, picture wordplay Tesla
Word to Elon, huh, never the lesser
I keep the strap in the top drawer of my baby momma dresser
Throwback like a flux capacitor
Shape-shift like an Animorph
You comin’ up short like a dwarf
And my shit never the same
My fire inevitable, your shit never the flame
Fuck the rap game, got you in a headlock, best tap, man
Super duper looper-type flow, and I’m the Gat’, man
Back in the day, Big Lenbo gave me my rap name
Retired for a minute, but I guess I’m back, man



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