Logic – Redpill VII Lyrics


Redpill VII Lyrics


Yeah, yeah, uh, aw, yeah
It never miss, the flow, it never miss
The flow, it never miss, yeah, uh, aw, yeah
It never miss, the flow, it never miss (You are now witnessing)
The flow, it never miss, yeah, uh, aw, yeah
It never miss, the flow, it never miss
The flow, it never miss (Ayo)

Ayo, my flow non-binary, that mean it never miss
Feelin’ meticulous, I’m ready to get with this ridiculous
Vehicular sound, that means that I’m driven, illest around
Yeah, they know me ’round the world, but the flow is still underground
Only boos I get on stage is when I sip the finest
Like MF, most you n***** deaf, that’s CON-5
Bottom line, I’m top five, red carpet when I arrive
But most days, I’m feelin’ derealized
That’s a medical term for feelin’ out of your body
Like you lookin’ through glass and don’t recognize anybody
Like you not even real, anxiety what I feel
Tryna fix the problem, doctors wanna give me a pill
You know, I still think I could do it without that
These professionals really doubt that
Luckily, I found a therapist straight from the outback
She’s always there for me when I’m feelin’ down under
Most people is too scared of therapy ’cause it’s taboo
No wonder why we all fucked up
Intrusive thoughts hit me on the daily, but I know I’ll make it maybe
Everybody walkin’ ’round like shit is gravy, feelin’ wavy
But they really feelin’ out of it
The drugs all in they system got ’em adamant they fine
But in they mind, they know they not
So they let the substance in they bloodstream to manipulate endorphins
Cut off the pain like morphine, but this just creates more fiends
Enjoy yourself, but don’t escape in a substance
Dealin’ with your problems head-on brings rewards in abundance
Whoever feel they in peril, I’m rockin’ with you like Geralt
Whenever you fall down, Trigun like Meryl, aw, yeah, yeah
It’s too deep now, I think it’s too deep now
I know you shallow listeners probably tappin’ out ‘fore you drown
Peep the sound, hold it down, I think the message over now
Let’s bring it back to that old rap shit and start it all over now
My residency in the game is permanent, I’ll never move out
Even though you doubt, never make a move for clout
Been real since I moved through the canals
Spit so hard I knock a tooth out
When I did a show with Eminem in Hawaii
I brought the whole fuckin’ crew and threw a luau
I might do MSG again just to bring the Wu out
They say your life is a movie, we finna roll the credits on you
Call the medics on you, sicker than the dogs I’m ’bout to sic up on you
Rigor mortis all up on you
Fuckin’ around with the boy, in a ditch where you finna be stayin’
You was sprayin’, now you layin’ in the ground
I’m comin’ down just to tell you that I told you so
No, I never sold you drugs, but I sold you dope
Suffer from anxiety, through these lyrics, I cope
Savin’ society through lyrics I wrote, what’s up?
Been grindin’ to get my son’s trust up, only thing stuck up
Is the finger in the middle, my lyrics profound
They lingerin’ on the riddle, fuck all the little shit
I’m over and out, get rid of it, don’t want any bit of it
My last album, I know you bit a bit of it
My shit is dope, now take a hit of it
You’d probably benefit from bein’ in the fuckin’ thick of it
Flame on wax like the wick is lit, bitch, the heat it on, like Vietnam
Got your life flashin’ before your eyes, now you see your mom
First day of school, fast forward, now you wasted at prom
Fast forward, now shit is morbid, you dyin’ of omicron
Persei 8, that’s a Futurama rhyme
Want the dick and I’ma bend her, if she ugly, I return to sender
I pull strings like Fender, push buttons like Defender, yo, yo
Rack— Rack— Rack— Rack— Racks on racks on racks
I’m runnin’ it back, I come for the stack
I’m gettin’ this money like James Yancey
If I don’t get the bread, I get antsy
Pullin’ triggers like Tom Clancy, record label better advance me
They can’t stand me ’cause I see what they can’t see
My vision go over their head like Klu Klux Klan sheets
I love the energy whenever me and my fans meet
Jump on the beat and nobody ever handed me defeat
Lyrics, they never deplete, I get green like cleats
Please don’t test my reach, talk shit, drink bleach
Out for blood like a leech, peep the speech
Presidential suites, I can not be impeached
I never miss

Born to die young
To die of an overdose
Die of a gunshot wound
Or die of loneliness
This is the fate of so many born into poverty
To make it out of your hood isn’t about sporting chains
And making millions of dollars
It’s about making a difference
It’s about making the right decisions
And in turn, breathing life into a community riddled with death

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Redpill VII
    Performed by: Logic
    Written by: Arjun Ivatury, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: College Park
    Release Date: 24 February, 2023