Logic Drops His First New Song Since Retirement With “Tired In Malibu”

logic tired in malibu lyrics

Logic Drops His First New Song Since Retirement With “Tired In Malibu”

“Retired for a minute, but I guess I’m back, man.”

In July 2020, Logic released No Pressure, a project he billed as his final album before retirement. After a few months away from hip-hop, however, it looks like the Maryland MC is back in the game. He shared a new, minute-long track today titled “Tired in Malibu,” where he declares his return to rap.


The freestyle ends with a simple declaration:


Back in the day, Big Lenbo gave me my rap name
Retired for a minute, but I guess I’m back, man

He also shouts out Elon Musk and boasts about his rap skills:


I spit degrees like a professor, never the lesser
Spit flames like gas, picture wordplay Tesla
Word to Elon, huh, never the lesser
I keep the strap in the top drawer of my baby momma dresser

Logic previously told us that he was stepping away from hip-hop because it didn’t excite him anymore. “I’m just trying to be a dad, shoot guns, go fishing, have fun. I moved to Montana. That’s where I’m at now. I just have no desire to publicly rap,” he said. “Rap doesn’t give me butterflies anymore. It used to. I’d be on stage and be like, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy!’ And now I’m like whatever.”


He also spoke about the pressures of consistently delivering music. “I won’t be on the internet for the first time in my career because it hurts me,” he said in a pre-retirement livestream. “And every time I released an album I just wanted to be loved.”


He did, however, leave the door open to possible future releases. It seems “Tired In Malibu” is our first taste of what that might entail.


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