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homura Lyrics

Goodbye thank you as far as your voice
More important than sadness
I want to tell my back that is leaving
In time for warmth and pain


I thought it would continue like this
I was drawing our tomorrow
The light that was calling is still
Even though it’s hot in the back of my chest


We meet in the middle of a burning journey
For the future that took hands and separated


Every time one dream comes true I’ll dance you
I cried because I wanted to be stronger
For flowers of determination


I get caught up in nostalgic feelings
Crying in a cruel world
The more you grow up, the more you starve
I don’t want to lose anything else


If you are drunk by sadness and fall
I don’t feel any pain
Your words (your words)
Your wish (your voice)
I vowed to protect




It makes a noise and collapses
Only one (only one)
An irreplaceable world


Reaching out and hugging a bunch of intense light
For the future that shines and disappears
Beyond the entrusted happiness and promises
I will proceed without looking back
I just look forward and scream
With a flame (Homura) in my heart
Until the distant future







Song Title: homura

Performed by: LiSA

Written by: Yuki Kajiura

Produced by:

Source: Sony Music Labels Inc.