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LiSA shares the music lyrics for the song titled “1centi.”



1centi Lyrics

I want to get closer I want to get closer wanna, wanna
I want to touch it, I won’t touch it
1 cm 1 cm faraway
S and N turbulent repulsion


Why? A proper sense of distance is GOOD !?
Why? Is it taboo if you refrain too much?
Why? I want to change, but I wonder why it’s difficult


Groove sound where cool thoughts melt and mix
It’s annoying, it’s got a pretty nail stuck in it


Igaiga ROCK’N’ROLL !! Can you understand each other if you talk?
BABY !! OH BABY !! I don’t want to hurt LADY
It’s important to give up when you don’t want to drop or Delon
The solution will be OH YEAH at a later date
I want to get along good night BABY







Song Title: 1centi

Performed by: LiSA

Written by: LiSA

Produced by: Not Stated

Source: Sony Music Labels Inc.