Lil Yachty – THE zone~ Lyrics


THE zone~ Lyrics


I’m so far gone
Can you take me back home?
I’m stuck in a zone
And I’m a million miles from

Home is only an idea
I fear it’s costumes that you wear
I see clear in the atmosphere
None of my “peers” were really there

Sunshine and moonlights
Make a tough time feel nice
Fun times, fun nights
With all of y’all it feels right
We outcast, avoid hype
In the sunshine we break ice
In the moonlight, escape life

In the sunshine, sunshine
Sunshine, sunshine, in the sunshine
Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine
Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, mmm-mmm, mmm, mmm-mmm-mmm

Feel at home
Up until
I’m alone, ahhh
Feel at home
Up until
I’m alone
And you
Always feel
Loved until
You are wrong
And I
Play this song
To come down calm
When you are wrong

I never meant to make you feel alone
A non-chivalrous tone you’ve used since I got home
I feel wrong
Deep down inside I’m stoned
I feel cold and alone
But now I know
That you love me
Will you put anyone above me?
Let me know
Is this home?

Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, mmm-mmm, mmm, mmm-mmm-mmm

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: THE zone~
    Performed by: Lil Yachty
    Written by: Jacob Portrait, Jeremiah Raisen, Miles Parks McCollum, Patrick Wimberly
    Genre: Alternative
    Album: Let’s Start Here.
    Release Date: 27 January, 2023