Lil Poppa – Glock In The Louie Lyrics


Glock In The Louie Lyrics by Lil Poppa


She a cold bitch Im cold n****
I don’t need no bitch and she don’t need no n****
Shit don’t make no sense she up and took my soul with her
But I bet she know a n**** up I don’t give a fuck
Ok I love the way you rock that now let a n**** roll with you
Say she so boujie put the glock in the louie
Bet not give the drop to no groupies at all
Say whenever it’s smoke you better call
You know I’m the one gone get involved

Ain’t got no problems we gone solve them
Know we done been to war with all them
I pray we never fall but we gone ball still fuck however y’all feel
Can’t pick a city heads or tails now we wherever a mall is
She know I be on all pills say she hurting I hope we all heal
Probably think I ain’t working and flirting I been on all drills
No I ain’t gotta lift me a finger I send him all his
Can’t get him back so I just send a n**** where my dawg is
But I’m a change the subject no I won’t change you on you
I won’t put my pain on you I know you tired of hearing him say what he ain’t gone do
See I’m gone say shame on you but I won’t put the blame on you
I ain’t trying to run game on you I know that you dangerous too

Got a switch on this one call that granny baby
Put my drip on this one straight out the candy lady house
No I ain’t got no patience don’t like to do no waiting now
I’m trying to run away baby what you hesitating bout
Got all these n***** hating now still got the police staking out
Don’t go on dates when I’m in the city this shit get wicked we taking out
Say she got shit she think about like if I ain’t rap how I would’ve made it out
Told her I would’ve scraped the pot that shit would’ve made me a lot
Only put my trust in money never in a thot
If it ain’t in my reach I only trust the drac with Dot
I told her wear the Louie V today
I told her wear the Louie V need you to tuck this while we out