Lil Durk, King Von, & Booka600 – JUMP Lyrics


JUMP Lyrics by Lil Durk, King Von, & Booka600 (feat. Memo600)


Ruffians MG
And it’s still a few hitters from the 6 (6)
Jumpin’ over bodies when them boys say, “Hit the switch” (switch)
N***** deaf, who you think around the corner? It’s a drill (it’s a drill)
All these blues on me, man, they thought I had a deal
I’m from the 6, we don’t do no drive-bys
Walk up, it’s a hit, fuck who you with
We gon’ pull up bangin’, all my n***** gangin’
Keep a blick’, smokin’ on that stankin’, man, that shit get dangerous
Draco, ain’t no aimin’, all my killers angels
Like, “Who is him?” You don’t think the n**** safe, he lose a limb (he lose a limb)
50 thousand for the chain, half of that’ll get you hit (get you hit)
Oh shit, caught that boy dissin’ Lil Boo, now he dead
All blicks, we just play this shit for keeps, that’s all year (that’s all year)
I let it off, I keep my blick’, I set it off up in this bitch
I seen it all, been in this shit since hella youngin’, since a jit
He said it all, I heard that boy, he rat, I heard that boy he snitch
I bet it all, I bet the opps know not to pull up on the six (brrah)
A hundred flicks, that’s a hundred shots, look like we takin’ pics
Took Memo a trip, he just start shootin’, I told him, “Get a grip” (get a grip)
She watch her left, sayin’, “600K’ll get you killed”
And I’m off a pill, I’m just sittin’ back, how I got the drill (Von)
These n***** hoes, you know I know, he think he slick, I know he told
I’m on the road, still tottin’ pole (huh?)
My gun be hot, your shit be cold (boom, boom)
If you get caught, you better not fold
He had a case, his bond on hold (damn)
He still locked up, it’s takin’ long (uh-huh)
She wanna know when he comin’ home (damn, damn)
See, shit it’ll get real, you ever been on the drill?
When no one you shot got killed? I’m just keepin’ it real (damn)
Have you ever been in the car with your homie
Who don’t got the wheel? (Damn, damn)
He can’t slide, he need him a pill, he a bitch, it is what it is
That’s your mans you tryna uplift
But when it’s war time, n***** ain’t gon’ do shit (nah, nah)
Them n***** ain’t slidin’ no more (nah), the opps outside
Man, them n***** ain’t hidin’ no more (what?)
Well, I guess we ain’t the guys no more (damn)
When you see a n**** killed your brother, you don’t ask, just blow (ah, boom, boom)
When I fuck with stars, give me passes though (damn)
And if you don’t wanna shoot, just pass it, bro
Fuck y’all wearing them masks for? (Huh, what?)
N***** got guns, but they ain’t gon’ blow (huh? Yeah)
I know a rich n**** homeless, got me a deal, ain’t homeless, yeah, yeah
I’m a real n**** for life, but I ain’t tryna risk my life like yeah, yeah (let’s get it)
I was down bad on my dick
And the n**** ain’t take my advice, yeah, yeah (ain’t take my advice)
I was tryna make my night, but the Percocets ruined my life, yeah, yeah (gang)
Spent a whole M on my children (let’s get, let’s get it)
I was fucked up gettin’ meal plans, Lambo’ dark and it still tints
Money on the lawyer and I’m still rich (rich)
I fell off once and I’m still lit (still lit)
Voice of the streets, it’s real shit (real shit)
I did a lil’ time and I ain’t tell shit (tell shit)
Lost pounds in the mail, they ain’t mail shit (mail shit)
I’m in school with a Kel-Tec (with a Kel-Tec)
I love my brother for life (life), he lost his legs to a wheelchair (wheelchair)
How you get blocks and you ain’t kill shit? (Kill shit)
How you run blocks? You ain’t kill yet (kill yet)
I ain’t even pop my pill yet (pill yet)
Most these n***** can’t feel that (feel that), yeah (yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
You know what I’m sayin’, we do it for the streets
You know what I’m sayin’, the trenches
Everywhere, you know what I’m sayin’, Chicago
Let’s get it, yeah