Leagan Starchild – The Prayer Lyrics

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Lyrics for The Prayer by Leagan Starchild

The Prayer Lyrics


Lyrics “The Prayer” by Leagan Starchild (feat. Mangaliso Asi & DemiMa)


May our wings stay stretched as we sore
with the gentle wings of love
Guiding our sacred hearts to reach the rivers
and fountains of everlasting life


May our thoughts stay grateful for the simple
And our strides stay with the pride


Blessed are the humble, and true and YOU
May you stay loving you
and loving like you do with open arms


May our minds stay ever present in the
And take it all in
Breathe it all in
And exhale back into the orbit
In you I see my reflection
And I am because we are Ubuntu


An extension of all that reigns true
In ore, of you, auras muse






Leagan Starchild Lyrics