Lazy Queen – Leech Lyrics


Leech Lyrics by Lazy Queen


You only call me when you’re down
Seems like the only time you need me around
You always leave me tightly wound
Before you slip out the back door without a sound
Looking for a place to drown
Your thoughts, you’re paying by the pound
Left all my things outside your door
You’re always fucked up, we’ve been here before

A waste of time
But I don’t mind it
We always said
Birds of a feather

The room is coloured pale blue
My words are sounding clear and true
Reckless and running out of luck
Falling in and out of love with every fuck
Selling out for two dime bags
Throwing up behind your car, I’m losing touch
Give me a reason to fall off
We run away, we lose our balance down we fall

A waste of time
But you don’t mind it
We always said
Birds of a feather

Had a chance to leave, but it got away
Keep your chin up, maybe it’s not too late
Hide from silence, waiting for the sun
Crying, you said hope is a loaded gun

Sticking chemical band aids over each and every scratch
Losers on a winning streak won’t last
Leave space for things unsaid
We reveal ourselves in complicated ways
Can we break free, ‘cause in my head it’s you and me

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