LAYA – Crazy Down Lyrics


Crazy Down Lyrics by LAYA


You know I think about it
I keep thinking about it
And you know they say
If you talk about it
Be about it
So Imma speak

I would like to get to know if I could be
The kind of girl that you could be down for
Cuz when I catch you look at me
It makes me feel sexy
And I think about it every night and day
I cannot, I cannot get you out my brain

So I just wanted to know
If we could make this real
I’m tired of dreaming bout it
If it won’t come true

No cap
Think of laying in your lap
Tried to bite my tongue on my words
Guess its slow for all that
Tired of thinking what I might lose
If I always make the shit back
Cuz boo you give me fever like I’ve never had
Crazy feelings

I wanna get down
In the cut with you
I wanna get down
I wanna get down with you

Know you ain’t never had nothing like this
Know you ain’t never had nothing like this
Yo somebody tell this n**** bout me
Just had to get that off my chest

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