Larry June & The Alchemist – Turkish Cotton Lyrics


Turkish Cotton Lyrics


Aye, damn, uh
Yeah, aye-aye-aye, aye-aye-aye

Man, deviated leather in this 911
Bend a corner, I’m on Hayes Street copping a windbreaker
Details, spent five hunnid for the salt shaker
Las Vegas, at the crap table bettin’ big paper
Courtside, mackin’ on a (Oh) in my Invisalign
So many whips I cannot decide, check it out
Do a couple numbers in the morning, then I’m smashin’ out
Havin’ more money than we having clout, what’s a drought?

Keep it goin’?
Streets sayin’ I’m the coldest out
Press a little button, it’ll park itself, add me up
Got a couple hustles on the side, pass a big cup (Pass)
Can’t put your eggs all in just one, ya hear me?
Yeah, you got one but not this one, ya hear me?
This about sixty G’s, dipped fresh, you hear me?
I don’t think you heard what I said

Thank you for them keys, baby
Now I gotta run some errands
But when I come back, please
Have a n**** somethin’ cooked
Yes, love
You know I got you, baby
Sock it to me, uh

James Bond coupe with the ceramic brakes
Out the way, eatin’ on these crumpets, but it’s sad to say
N***** hate, got six banks just to keep it safe
Made this shit happen by myself, I ain’t ask for favors
Thinkin’ ’bout Seattle, I just might go out and golf with Jake
You n***** be weak for these hoes, I be out the way

Dom P, I done made millions with Sean C
I done cashed out for the ‘Rari, n****, no lease
Not flexin’, just showin’ n***** that you can eat
N****, I was just dead broke in 2017
Merchandise, my n****, you gotta keep the merchandise
Work it right, get it to the people, push a hard line
Start a corporation and bet on yourself every time
Put ’em on payroll, make sure yo’ taxes right

Aye-aye, yeah, yeah
Start a corporation and bet on yourself every time
Put ’em on payroll, make sure yo’ taxes right
Make sure yo’ taxes right, numbers (Aye-aye)
Alchemist, what’s happenin’? (Good job)

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Turkish Cotton
    Performed by: Larry June & The Alchemist
    Written by: -
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: The Great Escape
    Release Date: 31 March, 2023