Kodak Black – Let Me Know Lyrics


Let Me Know Lyrics by Kodak Black


Out of sight, you’re out of mind, you’re out of luck, it’s like nobody even care if you be ’round

Why I fall off with my n***** when I’m up? Why nobody stand up for me when I’m down?
You back in jail and this time they say you stuck, everybody laughin’ at you like a clown
Why the only time you hate me when I’m up? And why the only time you love me when I’m down?
Why I lost best new artist to Khalid, 2017?
We all knew that should’ve been me
But I never hated, I congratulated
Shit, at least I was nominated
But if Cardi B win, then I won too
I do it for the real n***** ’cause I’m one too
The fact I made it out the shit that they be goin’ through
Will make ’em feel like if I win, then they won too
Lil’ buddy got popped, some n***** in the squad too
And why them n***** turned around and say they know it’s you?
Keep it real, why the hell I wanna harm you?
When everything I drop, they said they wanted part two
I heard his Benz got dropped and they went and point you
I’m like, “Man, how the fuck I’m behind bars too?”
And I’m writin’ these bars behind bars too
Lookin’ at the TV like, “Damn, that could’ve been all you”
I wanna be front and center at the awards too
I wanna be countin’ skrilla and livin’ large too
Hoppin’ out rentals and switchin’ cars too
Sippin’ Don P with my n***** and flippin’ broads too
I guess I’m too gangster to win a Grammy
And only the gangsters could understand me
N***** who live by the code, we speak the same language
They love to hear me flow, I speak that shit fluent
Yeah, if I was you, I would’ve killed me and you knew it
You had a chance and you blew it
Kodak, why you always got pain in your music?
I be feelin’ like I gotta sing to get through it
Why these n***** always sound the same in they music?
Rappin’ ’bout they money and they chains in they music
Yeah, I be duffin’, road runnin’, got this rental here from Hertz
I’m conditioned, trained myself to stay authentic and be pure
I’m duffin’, road runnin’, got this rental here from Hertz
Conditioned, trained myself to stay authentic and be pure
They wanna see me die, wanna see me cry, they wanna see me smirk
Yeah, my n**** died, but it ain’t hurt
Yay, I love my n**** baby daddy, ayy
I know he just wanna see me happy, oh
I’m walkin’ up out the feds like, “Is you ready?” Yeah
I’m stackin’ up all this bread, I made a sandwich, yeah
They wanna see me dead, they wanna see me menaced, yeah
My mama told me, “Baby, keep it steady,” yeah
“Stop postin’ on the corner like you average,” yeah
“You ain’t no regular n****, you got status now”
Wrecked the Porsche, then I pulled up in an Aston, ayy
She keep smokin’ dick ’cause she an addict, yeah
I’ma keep her ’round ’cause she got talent, yeah
I came home twenty-one ’cause I’m a savage, yeah
If you ain’t tryna keep me, let me live, if you ain’t tryna stay, then let me go
Before you let me head in these streets, you should go ahead and let me know
I just want for you to let me know, son, lately, I ain’t really been too sure
Ayy, I just want for you to let me know son, I just want for you to let me know