Kodak Black – Gleerious Lyrics

kodak black – gleerious lyrics

Lyrics for Gleerious by Kodak Black

Gleerious Lyrics


Lyrics “Gleerious” by Kodak Black


Glee, Glee, we Glee, Glee, yea
Yeah, Real Glee, for real Z, for-
Heavens obligatory, I’m just sayin’

[Verse 1]
On the scene screamin’ “Glee Glee”, I’m felling gleerious
Baby I been kickin’ shit, come take me serious
Chardonnay, it cost 400, man I still pay it
Drop the pill down in [?] and I still hate me
Let me know why I’m standin’ for you, know what she saying
Toasted of a [?] Bahamas, can’t feel my legs
I heard he was at the office
They dropped him of by time they found him
He was bangin’
They just let him out of prison and he still bangin’
To buy your love I spent a 60 on a tennis bracelet
I’m fantacizin’ buy your [?], I need to see you baby
Savin’ all your love for me, lyin’
All them bitches, they don’t mean none
It’s all yours, I done broke my own heart but at least I got yours
Baby lay with me tonight and as the morning comes
I done thugged here for too long but now I’m havin’ fun

I hope I don’t go to hell early
I been rollin’ since 11:30
Million Dollar deals, ohooh

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Kodak
Happy Z Day
I got a bad bitch breed, she my DJ
Happy Birthday Kodak, Happy Z Day
Happy Birthday, Happy Z Day

[Verse 2]
[?] pain the [?], it’s the big rims for me
It’s the Bel Air for me, I’m in Bel Air
Big Cheddar, keep it cool nigga, l’air
Big career, thick bitch, big that, yeah
Big career, it’s been lit for The Snipe
I’m screamin’ free Cool, thinkin’ bout’ you every night
I’m pourin’ up [?], I’m wishin’ you could hit the spikes
I’m pourin’ up [?], I’m on a cruise with the fam
Wiz want a Rolls Royce, Lil Jackboy got a Lamb
Hold your heads out, you gon’ be better when you’re limp
I’m bout’ to put that play toghether but then in the [?] got bands
I’m still bout’ to put that play together, you know Imma get my mans (Faxx)

I’m in jail but they [?], I’m scopin’ ’em lit
You know I’m goin’ for the rebound, if I’m shotin’ I miss
What a time to be free now, it’s all the way lit
What a time to be free now

Happy Birthday Kodak, Happy Z Day
I got a bad bitch breed, she my DJ
Happy Birthday Kodak, Happy Z Day
Happy Birthday, Happy Z Day

[Post Chorus]
Million Dollar deals on my Z day
Million Dollar deals, ohooh




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