Kodak Black – Bad Man Lyrics


Bad Man Lyrics by Kodak Black (feat. Prince Swanny)


Sex and Passion she red and she classy but she can get sassy too
I’m ahead of fashion I popped X and chase the dragons
I’m never late for the action
Ah mi fi tell you Kodak Black is a bad man
Make me upset hope you expectin’ this reaction
He called for extra don’t take it we blast ‘em

Load up the ting let it ring at his mammy and them too
I’m on the scene like what you mean like what’s happening fool
On the spot I see a op I’m taking action right there
Pon di place, pon di place
It’s okay I’ll be the bad guy
I’m good n**** but they’ll never tell you that lie

When we rollin’ with di Z you know we so fly
All about di money baby know it’s take life yeah
All the memories still deh from in school
Baby me and you used to stick together like glue
Wonder what ah happen in mix when things grew
But it neva too late to give you designer boots yeah
Rollin’ with di Z see
Di gyal ah evil
Drop down pon mi lap like she ah seat
Circle pon the ends hail the evil heads
Ever have the choppa pon mi lap
Because mi nuh haffi know dem
If dem nah say Z then we haffi show dem
Gyal dem wan’ fi give me brain when me damn rollin’
Every gyal a say Z
Step with mi fresh Nike
Them pussy bwoy can’t fren we
Step like every night
Yeah we do it tight
Weh we haffi say Z
But gyal you haffi be mi wifey
Or do you prefer be the sidey
Gyal you wan’ be di side or wan’ be the wife
Yeah yeah