Kimbra – personal space Lyrics


personal space Lyrics


“closer than close every waking moment in
each other’s arms and hands
night time repose but i’m still awake dreaming
hope that you’ll understand

it’s been a long time since i been in
my very own skin, i admit it
i’m feeling like i might need a minute more

it’s been a good while, i’m forgetting
cause i don’t think i’ve had time to sit in it
and make sure that it’s all i’ve been waiting for

you’re all that i do
and i ain’t got nothing but love for you
it’s true
my heart can’t lie
we’re always like two
and i just wanna be one for you
but I know that I’ll always need my
personal space
i need my

time on my own just to be my own best friend
i’ll kill time without you there
i need my
place to erase all the lines we’ve been drawing
on each others lives and plans

it’s not like i’m hearing warning bells
it’s not like i’ve met somebody else
it’s just a thing that my body tells me
don’t go take the wrong meaning
i’m trying to tell you all that i’m feeling
but this time i just need myself to grow

personal space
all our time facing to face
i need my personal place”

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: personal space
    Performed by: Kimbra
    Written by: Kimbra, Paul Dixon
    Genre: Alternative
    Album: A Reckoning
    Release Date: 27 January, 2023