Katie Gregson-MacLeod – complex (demo) Lyrics


complex (demo) Lyrics by Katie Gregson-MacLeod


I’m 21
The edge is razor thin
Between being numb
And feeling everything
Good days only serve as relief again
Now i’m watching as i waste away
My days again
It’s a cross dissolve it’s a scene i’ve played before And the leading role that I thought I’d hold
Doesn’t listen to me anymore
But I’m wearing his boxers I’m being a good wife
We won’t be together
But maybe the next life
I need him like water He lives on a landslide I cry in his bathroom He turns off the big light
I’m being the cool girl
I’m keeping it so tight
I carry home while
My friends have a good night
I need him like water He thinks that I’m alright I’m not feeling human
I think he’s a good guy
But it’s complex It’s a complex
It’s a complex I’m a complex
I can see them now Three poinst at which
I let myself down
I was just a girl
What’s the excuse now?
Too regular
This pattern
I’ve been taking shelter in Reaching new highs When I was 19
I wanted to die
Now I just wanna kill you
But I don’t want to paint you the victim And I talk a good game
I’d die for you just the promise you’d listen

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: complex (demo)
    Performed by: Katie Gregson-MacLeod
    Written by: Katie Gregson-MacLeod
    Genre: Pop
    Album: Single
    Release Date: 26 August, 2022